FIBERI - Fisch(erei) Beratung Ritter 2022


FIBERI - Fisch(erei) Beratung Ritter 2022

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Physiology of Fishes, The / Evans et al., Eds.

Inhaltsverzeichnisse der Auflagen 1 - 4




Evans, David H. (Ed.):
“The Physiology of Fishes”
Marine Science Series, CRC Press, 1993

Chapter 01: Evolution and Phylogeny -Carter R. Gilbert
Chapter 02: Swimming -Paul W. Webb
Chapter 03: Buoyancy -R. McNeill Alexander
Chapter 04: Inner Ear and Lateral Line -Arthur N. Popper/Christopher Platt
Chapter 05: Electrosensation -Walter Heiligenberg
Chapter 06: Vision -Russel D. Fernald
Chapter 07: Chemoreception -Tashiaki J. Hara
Chapter 08: Cardiovascular System -Anthony P. Farrell
Chapter 09: Gas Exchange -Steve F. Perry/Gordon McDonald
Chapter 10: Autonomic Nerve Function -Stefan Nilsson/Susanne Holmgren
Chapter 11: Osmotic and Ionic Regulation -David H. Evans
Chapter 12: Acid Base Regulation -Norbert Heisler
Chapter 13: Ammonia and Urea Metabolism and Excretion -Chris M. Wood
Chapter 14: Thermal Biology -Jeffrey R. Hazel
Chapter 15: Endocrinology -Sjoerd E. Wendelaar Bonga
Chapter 16: Reproductive Physiology -J. Michael Redding/Reynaldo Patino
Chapter 17: Coloration and Chromatophores -Ryozo Fujii

Evans, David H. (Ed.):
“The Physiology of Fishes – Second Edition”
Marine Science Series, CRC Press, 1998

SECTION 1. Locomotion and Energetics

Chapter 01: Swimming -Paul W. Webb
Chapter 02: Buoyancy -Bernd Pelster
Chapter 03: Feeding and Digestion -Michael H. Horn
Chapter 04: Growth and Metabolism -Thomas P. Mommsen

SECTION 2. Gas Exchange and Cardiovascular Physiology

Chapter 05: Gas Exchange -Kathleen M. Gilmour
Chapter 06: The Cardiovascular System -Kenneth R. Olson

SECTION 3. Homeostasis

Chapter 07: Osmotic and Ionic Regulation -Karl J. Karnaky, Jr.
Chapter 08: Acid-Base Regulation -James B. Claiborne
Chapter 09: Nitrogen Excretion and Metabolism -Patrick J. Walsh
Chapter 10: Immunity -Ralph M. Bernstein/Samuel F. Schluter/John J. Marchalonis

SECTION 4. Neurophysiology and Neuroendocrine Control

Chapter 11: The Central Nervous System -Mario F. Wullimann
Chapter 12: The Auditory and Mechanosensory Lateral Line System -Nico A. M. Schellart/René J. Wubbels
Chapter 13: Electroreception -Gerhard van der Emde
Chapter 14: Vision -Craig W. Hawryshyn
Chapter 15: Chemoreception -Peter W. Sorensen/John Caprio
Chapter 16: The Autonomic Nervous System -John A. Donald
Chapter 17: Endocrinology -Neil Hazon/Richard J. Balment
Chapter 18: Reproduction -Glen Van Der Kraak/John P. Chang/David M. Janz

Evans, David H. / Claiborne, James B. (Ed.):
“The Physiology of Fishes – Third Edition”
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2006

SECTION I: Locomotion and Energetics

Chapter 01: Locomotion -George V. Lauder
Chapter 02: Feeding and Nutrition -Kendall D. Clements/David Raubenheimer

SECTION II: Gas Exchange and Transport

Chapter 03: Aquatic and Aerial Respiration -Jeffrey B. Graham
Chapter 04: The Cardiovascular System -Kenneth R. Olson/Anthony P. Farrell
Chapter 05: Gas Transport -Mikko Nikinmaa

SECTION III: Homeostasis and Reproduction

Chapter 06: Ion Transport, Osmoregulation and Acid-Base Balance -William S. Marshall/Martin Grosell
Chapter 07: Temperature -Elizabeth L. Crockett/Richard L. Londraville
Chapter 08: Endocrinology -Yoshio Takei/Christopher A. Loretz
Chapter 09: Stress in Fish -George K. Iwama/Luis O.B. Afonso/Mathilakath M. Vijayan
Chapter 10: Reproduction -Zvi Yaron/Berta Sivan

SECTION IV: Neurophysiology

Chapter 11: Hearing and Mechanoreception -Dennis M. Higgs/Zhongmin Lu/David A. Mann
Chapter 12: Electroreception and Electrogenesis -James S. Albert/William G.R.Crampton
Chapter 13: Chemoreception -William C. Michel

SECTION V: New Technologies

Chapter 14: Mutagenesis: Insights from λ-Transgenic Medaka -Richard N. Winn
Chapter 15: Functional Genomics in Fishes: Insights into Physiological Complexity -Marjorie F. Oleksiak/Douglas L. Crawford
Chapter 16: Fish Cell Culture and Stem Cells -David W. Barnes/Paul Collodi

Evans, David H. / Claiborne, James B. / Currie, Suzanne (Ed.):
“The Physiology of Fishes – Fourth Edition”
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014

Chapter 01: Muscle Plasticity – Grant B. McClelland and Graham R. Scott
Chapter 02: Cardiovascular System – A. Kurt Gamperl and Holly A. Shiels
Chapter 03: Membranes and Metabolism – James S. Ballantyne
Chapter 04: Oxygen Sensing – Michael G. Jonz
Chapter 05: Intestinal Transport – Martin Grosell
Chapter 06 Gill Ionic Transport, Acid–Base Regulation, and Nitrogen Excretion – Pung-Pung Hwang and Li-Yih Lin
Chapter 07: Endocrine Disruption – Heather J. Hamlin
Chapter 08: Thermal Stress – Suzanne Currie and Patricia M. Schulte
Chapter 09: Physiology of Social Stress in Fishes – Christina Sørensen, Ida Beitnes Johansen, and Øyvind Øverli
Chapter 10: Pain Perception – Victoria A. Braithwaite
Chapter 11: Chemoreception – Warren W. Green and Barbara S. Zielinski
Chapter 12: Active Electroreception Signals, Sensing, and Behavior – John E. Lewis
Chapter 13: Cardiac Regeneration – Viravuth P. Yin
Chapter 14: Neuronal Regeneration – Ruxandra F. Sîrbulescu and Günther K.H. Zupanc

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