FIBERI - Fisch(erei) Beratung Ritter 2022


FIBERI - Fisch(erei) Beratung Ritter 2022

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Einzel-Kapitel (FISCH-MEDIZIN)





Ballard, B. & Cheek, R.:
Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician
3rd. Ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2017
Chapter 13: Fish (251-270)

Campbell, T.W. & Grant, K.R.:
Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

Section 4: Fish Hematology Case Studies

Case 28: An adult stingray with weight loss and lethargy [Dasyatis americana)] (127-130)
Case 29: An adult stingray undergoing a routine physical examination [Dasyatis americana)] (131-133)

Section 8: Fish Cytology Case Studies

Case 80: An adult eel with anorexia and skin lesions [Anarrhichthys ocellatus] (325-327)
Case 81: A 11/2-year-old goldfish with dropsy [Carassius auratus] (329-331)
Case 82: A 6-year-old fish with a red mass protruding from the vent [Astronotus ocellatus] (333-334)
Case 83: An adult stingray with skin masses [Dasyatis americana] (335-338)
Case 84: An adult fish with a mass projecting from the gills [Chitala chitala] (339-340)
Case 85: A 5-year-old fish with bloating and constipation [Astronotus ocellatus] (341-344)
Case 86: An adult fish with lesions around its mouth [Melanotaenia trifasciata] (345-347)
Case 87: An adult fish with a large red mass on its belly [Phractocephalus hemioliopterus] (349-350)
Case 88: A 3-year-old fish with a growth below the eye [Hypostomus plecostomus] (351-353)
Case 89: An adult fish with increased gilling and eye lesions [Cyclopterus lumpus] (355-356)
Case 90: A fish that is a sole survivor of a massive fish die-off [Cephalopholis miniata] (357-358)
Case 91: An adult stingray presented for examination for coccidia [Urobatis jamaicensis] (359-360)
Case 92: An adult fish with a large mass on its operculum [Barbus schwanenfeldi] (361-364)
Case 93: An adult fish with a mass on its side [Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae] (365-366)
Case 94. An adult fish with ulcerative skin lesions [Cyprinus carpio var. koi] (367-369)

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Anaesthesia of Exotic Pets
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Manual of Exotic Pet Practice
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Chapter 4: Ornamental Fish (39-72)

Paterson, S.:
Skin Diseases of Exotic Pets
Blackwell, 2006

Section 3: Dermatology of Fish

Chapter 11: Structure and Function of Fish Skin (141-145)
Chapter 12: Examination of Fish Skin and Diagnostic Tests (145-150)
Chapter 13: Skin Diseases and Treatment of Fish (150-172)

Rosenthal, K.L. u.a.:
Rapid Review of Exotic Animal Medicine and Husbandry
Manson Publ., 2008

Section 4: Ornamental Fish (237-306)

Classification of cases by species
English and Latin names


[Koi-Karpfen (Cyprinus carpio)]
Case 302: Ovarian prolapse in a tancho kohaku koi
Case 303: Spinal column lesion in a kohaku koi
Case 304: Papilloma in a koi carp
Case 305: Carp pox in a koi
Case 306: Skin ulcers in koi
Case 307: Chlorine/chloramine toxicity in a group of koi
Case 308: Koi herpesvirus
Case 309: Spinal defect in a koi
Case 310: Blood parasites in a carp
Case 311: Pond medication for some outdoor koi
Case 312: Dermocystidium koi infection
Case 313: Branchiomycosis (gill rot) in a koi carp
Case 314: Fish louse (Argulus species) infestation in a koi
Case 315: ‘Pine cone’ syndrome in a koi
Case 316: Swim bladder inflammation virus in a koi carp
Case 317: Wound management in a kohaku koi
Case 318: Pre-, peri-, and postoperative monitoring of a koi
Case 319: Anchorworm (Lernaea cyprinacea) infestation in a koi and a goldfish
Case 320: Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infestation in a koi pond
Case 321: Abdominal sarcoma in a showa koi
Case 322: Algal dermatitis in a sanke koi
[Goldfische (Carassius auratus)]
Case 323: Lenticular cataract in a goldfish
Case 324: Suspected spring viremia of carp virus infection in a goldfish
Case 325: Swim bladder torsion in a goldfish
Case 326: Nuptial tubercles in a Moor goldfish
Case 327: Fibrosarcoma in a goldfish
Case 328: Zinc toxicity in a group of goldfish
Case 329: Saprolegnia species infection in a goldfish
Case 330: Red gill in a goldfish
Case 331: Anorexia in a comet goldfish due to poor water quality
Case 332: Corneal ulcer or abrasion in a synodontid catfish
Case 333: Nitrite toxicity in a redtail catfish
Case 334: Copper toxicity in two pictus catfish
Case 335: Upside-down catfish
Case 336: Leech (hirudinean) infestation in a stick catfish
Case 337: Yellow or white ‘grub’ disease (Clinostomum species infestation) in a corydoras catfish
Case 338: Lymphosarcoma in a cichlid
Case 339: Normal swim bladder of a Midas cichlid
Case 340: Contrast radiography in a Pearci cichlid
Case 341: Head and lateral line erosion in a pearl cichlid
Case 342: Swim bladder surgery in a cichlid
Case 343: Trichodina species infection in African cichlids
Case 344: Fish hook in a bonnethead shark
Case 345: Fusarium solani mycosis in a bonnethead shark and a scrawled filefish
Case 346: Bufotoxin ingestion in a leopard shark
Case 347: Blood loss anemia in a lemon shark
Case 348: Cryptocaryon species infection in some marine fish
Case 349: Amyloodinium species infestation in marine fish
Case 350: Osmoregulation in marine fish
Case 351: Space-occupying mass in the posterior chamber of the left eye of a Queensland grouper
Case 352: Spinal fracture and subluxation in a black grouper
Case 353: Attacked French angelfish in an aquarium of marine fish
[Skalare (Pterophyllum scalare)]
Case 354: Angelfish fibroma
Case 355: Spironucleus species infection in freshwater angelfish
Case 356: Thyroid hyperplasia (goiter) in an emperor angelfish
[Verschiedene Arten]
Case 357: Amyloodinium ocellatum infestation in a planehead filefish
Case 358: Gas-bubble (supersaturation) disease in a lionfish
Case 359: Lymphocystis disease in a jackknife fish
Case 360: Brooklynella hostilis infestation in a seahorse
Case 361: Columnaris disease in a tank of platys
Case 362: Malachite green toxicity in a group of clown loaches
Case 363: Uronema marinum infestation in a melon butterflyfish
Case 364: Nematode and cestode infection in a group of snakeheads
Case 365: Exophthalmia in a squirrelfish
Case 366: Rickettsia-like organisms in a blue-eyed plecostomus
Case 367: Trematode (Neascus species) infestation in a silver dollar
Case 368: Chronic alkalosis in an electric eel
Case 369: Pregnancy/parturition in a yellow stingray
Case 370: Ichthyobodo species infestation in a group of discus
Case 371: Fight trauma in a red pacu
Case 372: Cachexia plus trematode infection in a clown triggerfish
Case 373: Neon tetra disease
Case 374: Ulcerative mycobacteriosis in a dwarf gourami and other fish
Case 375: Overgrown puffer teeth in a dog-faced puffer
Case 376: Hematoma in a gourami
Case 377: Acid rain
Case 378: Melanomacrophage center
Case 379: De-icers
Case 380: Bacterial septicemia
Case 381: Fish heart
Case 382: Blood flow
Case 383: Normal fish kidney histology
Case 384: ‘Dropsy’
Case 385: Anesthetic agents for exploratory coeliotomy
Case 386: Postmortem examination
Case 387: Abnormally inflated swim bladder
Case 388: Euthanasia
Case 389: Water quality
Case 390: Skin fluke infection
Case 391: Handling of fish
Case 392: Administration of chemotherapeutic agents
Case 393: Ultraviolet light treatment of water
Case 394: Parasiticide treatment regimens
Case 395: Bird predation
Case 396: Gill function
Case 397: Ozonation
Case 398: Secondary gill lamellar hyperplasia
Case 399: Anesthesia
Case 400: Hematopoietic organs of fish
Case 401: Routine water quality testing
Summary questions and answers (303-305)
Bibliography (306)

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Chapter 5: Fishes (387-402)

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Chapter 12: The Fish Eye (211-227)



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